The Tourist Organization of Belgrade and the Association of Skadarlija Lovers are pleased to invite you to the opening of the tourist season in Skadarlija, which will be marked by the ceremonial act of raising the Skadarlija flag.

The Code of Conduct in Skadarlija, songs and stories of the Skadarlija Lady, hilarious anecdotes from the life of the most famous bohemian street in Belgrade, will be heard on Saturday on the Plateau near the Skadarlija Fountain in a program prepared by our famous actors, singers and renowned artists.

Among the artists who entered the history of Skadarlija with the ceremonial act of raising the Skadarlija flag is the opera artist Oliver Njego, whose performance the audience will have the opportunity to hear on Saturday.

In addition to the host of the program Milorad Miki Damjanović, the program includes actress of the National Theater Vjera Mujović, vocal soloists of RTS and Radio Belgrade Vesna Dimić and Biljana Petković, our actors Ljiljana Jakšić and Bojan Hlišč, as well as the Talija Art Center. and the atmosphere in Skadarska Street.

A part of the new chamber cabaret play based on Kapor’s book of the same name „Guide through the Serbian mentality“ will be announced by Ljiljana Kapor, and actors Stevan Piale and Tasana Djordjevic will be accompanied by music by Sinisa Dogan.


12.00 Host Miki Damjanović

12.05 Dobošar: Code of Conduct in Skadarlija

12.10 Address: Miodrag Popović, director of TOB, and Vjera Mujović, president of the Skadarlija Lovers’ Association

12.15 Ljiljana Kapor: Guide through the Serbian mentality, performance by Stevan Pial and Tasana Djordjevic

12.25 Performance of actress Ljilja Jaksic

12.30 Performance of vocal soloists of RTS and Radio Belgrade Vesna Dimić and Biljana Petković

12.35 Talia Art Center

12.45 Performance of opera artist Oliver Njega

12.55 Solemn act of raising the Skadarlija flag

Source: TOB