Jelena Dokić danas neprepoznatljiva

Naša bivša teniserka Jelena Dokić je u jednom trenutku imala 120 kilograma, ali je tokom 2018.godine rešila da tu kilažu drastično smanji.

Do povećnja telesne mase došlo je nakon problema sa štitnom žlezdom, pa je sa 60 kilograma došla vremenom do duplo veće kilaže.

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Progress!!!?? I thought I would brave the judgment,negativity and scrutiny that sometimes comes with being in the public eye and on social media and put myself and my struggles out there and hopefully inspire,motivate and help others,especially women. The photo on the left and the start of my weight loss journey is a hard one to post and look at.I was unhealthy and unfit but even more importantly I was so unhappy,with no confidence.I didn’t want to go out of the house and I even turned down work opportunities because I was so insecure and unhappy. That’s where @jennycraigausnz comes in and they have changed my life.I didn’t know what I was in for when I first tried the program but very quickly I discovered just how easy and convenient it is and just how tasty the food is.I love the fact that my food portions are all set with almost no prep time and more than 70 menu items to choose from without jeopardising my weight loss. My favourite part is having my own consultant who I get to see once a week and who supports me every step of the way.That support has been life changing.Not just from my consultant but from the whole team at @jennycraigausnz . That is what I love the most with @jennycraigausnz ,it’s a team effort and you feel like you are a part of the family and you are all on the weight loss journey together. It’s not just about weight loss either but about having a healthy and balanced lifestyle and developing healthy but sustainable habits for the rest of your life. While I don’t want to talk about the kilos too much,I have lost almost 20 kilos between the 2nd and 3rd picture alone.All due to @jennycraigausnz and their incredible Rapid Results program. I hope I can inspire and motivate you all.No matter what you are trying to achieve,IT CAN BE DONE.I am half way on my weight loss journey and very excited about what is ahead. Thank you @jennycraigausnz . #jennycraigausnz #fitnessmotivation #myjennycraigjourney #weightlossjourney #weightloss #journey #weightlosstransformation #transformation #progress #fitness #health #healthy #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #inspiration #motivation #healthyfood #jennycraig #australia #inspo #fitspo #inspo #healthylife #women

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Ona je na svom Instagram nalogu pokazivala borbu sa viškom kilograma gde je motivisala mnoge da krenu njenim putem.


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