First fountain in Belgrade

The first fountain in Belgrade was built on April 2, 1927, and was removed in 1947, when Terazije was reconstructed again.

It is certainly little known to the people of Belgrade that in the period from 1913 to 1940, Terazije was called the Crown Prince’s Square.

The first known decoration of Terazije began in 1911, and the work of arranging was given to the architect Veselin Lukić, and the very details of its appearance were contributed by the first lady of the architect in Serbia, Jelisaveta Načić.

After the end of the Second Balkan War in 1913, a kind of fountain was set up, but according to some information, it almost never worked. Only, in 1927, the first fountain in Belgrade was built, built of green granite with a mural glass floor, so that the fountain would achieve a fantastic visual effect.

The fountain had two pools. The smaller one stood up in the middle, and eight lion’s heads were placed around its edge, from whose jaws waterfalls protruded.

The fountain was not destroyed during the bombing of Belgrade, but after the war in 1947, in the desire to open Terazije more for the flow of traffic.

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